Saturday, 16 November 2013

An Update: Benefit

Hello bloggers and people of the Internet! 

So last week, or the week before (goldfish memory), I wrote a post about how I would update everyone with the effects of my Benefit testers and let you know how my skin got on with the products and whether I would purchase them.

Something you should know about my skin type before I explain my opinion is that it's generally not too bad. I don't get spots that much, only majorly around once a month. Also, I'm not allergic to things and my skin isn't very sensitive which is why I found it strange that I had a slight reaction to the makeup.

Lets start with the 'It's Potent! Eye Cream'. I can't say many extremely positive things about this cream because I don't think it really serves its purpose. I had many late nights this week and applied this every morning before sixth form and I still looked very zombie like. I'm not saying it has to have an extreme effect but it is very similar to moisturiser so I wouldn't spend any extra money just for this cream. However, the smell of the cream was nice, as was the smell of the other two moisturising products.

Moving swiftly along. The 'Triple Performing Facial Emulsion' was something that I would purchase. Even though it is slightly expensive (£18.45 at the moment in Debenhams), I would go out and buy this moisturiser because its really, really good and does what it says on the tin. When I put this on my forehead at night, I noticed the next day that it was extremely smoother in comparison to when I just put normal moisturiser on. This may sound strange but if you are uncomfortable with your forehead lines (which I am), this moisturiser really makes your whole forehead smooth and the lines are less evident. I don't usually put makeup on my forehead due to the lines being awkward and noticeable but some people do because they're like "but then it doesn't match your face?", no one has ever noticed when I've done it so...yeah! 

(Wow I just had a major detour, left my laptop for about an hour, this was supposed to be up ages ago!!)

The 'Total Moisture Face Cream' has been o-kay! Nothing amazing though, I personally wouldn't purchase this product. I tried this in place of the Triple Performing moisturiser and it didn't have the same effect on my forehead which I was clearly amazed by so I would prefer to go with Triple Performing. All of these products smelled amazingly good which I would expect for the price. Personally, I don't mind fragranced skin products, it makes me want to buy the product more but some people despise it so I suppose its your choice, if that's what you like.

The 'Hello Flawless' foundation wasn't up my street either. I don't think I would be willing to spend £25 on this when the foundation I'm using at the moment is perfectly fine. The coverage was kind of poo and it didn't last me all day at school which is something I look for in a foundation. The price and overall performance of this product means I will not be buying it!

*Warning* Right so, I didn't get this as a tester because its not available but I went to try this on in the shop. The Benefit 'Watt's Up' highlighter was so, so, so annoying! The girl at the counter put it on for me and as much as I wanted to like it because of the effect its supposed to give, I didn't. So I got home and by the end of the night I had somehow got a rash on the cheekbones of my face. I had completely forgotten that I had the highlighter on and was wondering why it randomly appeared because my skin never has a reaction to anything. I was actually really devastated because this was a product I really wanted to buy but the reaction of irritated skin (tiny little spots all clustered together) means I definitely won't be buying it now...*sad face*. The rash unfortunately still hasn't cleared and is still next to both of my eyes and cheekbones!

That's all for now. Hope you're all well x

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