Monday, 30 September 2013

Throw Some Clothes On

Day out.

Okay so I know most of this stuff is out of everyone's price range but I really only make these outfits so that if I see something similar then I can just pick it up and throw it in my shopping bag. Such as the Celine bag, its way way way out of my price range between having a part time job and having no money, ever. You can get a knock off if you really like it from eBay and they really do look similar! I was going to get one on eBay but I've literally spent way too much this month on back to school clothes, random bits and bobs and just food really. Oh and some new face bits! I'm really digging the shoes though I might have to save up and get those from Topshop just because they seem practical or maybe look for a cheaper version in Primark etc!

Goodbye dolls x

Thursday, 26 September 2013


I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do in a while or just a plan for the next couple of years! Yes, I am a big planner but they usually never pan out how I want them to but I'll tell you what I want to do for now anyway.

So the idea of travelling had never really occurred to me before I started watching many different YouTubers and their crazy adventures. Yeah I'd heard about people taking gap years to go and travel with a couple of friends but it felt like it had no meaning. Today in sixth form we were going to link up with a school in Africa, China or South America to try and help or support them in any way we could - we thought about writing letters to the children and try and rustle up some money by doing fundraisers. Its just the beginning and we were just brainstorming some ideas. However, it got me really excited and I don't usually get into things like this but it made me think about volunteering at one of these places, to help children in different countries.

SO! I proposed the idea to my friend and the teacher that was making this school link happen about getting a few people together that may be interested in doing an end of year trip to a school in China, Africa or South America. In the beginning, we were a bit worried about going somewhere completely different for safety reasons but I wasn't really paying much attention to that side of it as the thought of helping a lot of children just with something so simple as writing a story with them or teaching them how to read was overwhelming and making me think it was something I really wanted to do.

I've never really been into this because 1) I have a very big fear of flying on airplanes and 2) it's slightly out of my comfort zone. Recently I've had a bit of a change in what I feel like doing in my life and realised that life's too short to waste and this experience would be utterly amazing, not just for me but for people that really need help. However, most of my friends probably wouldn't be up for it because of the money side and multiple costs it would create. I just wish there was a way that I could do this without it costing me £700+ as I would be more than happy to do it. But then life pulls you back and I realised that I have to actually start saving up for a car.

*Distracted by my mum bringing me blackberries, energy food for blogging!! She knows me too well*

Hopefully in the future something miraculous will happen where I can do this for cheaper OR I can just save up a lot of money once I've got my car and maybe take a couple of months when I graduate to travel and really do this as it's something I've thought about for a while now. Something that made me laugh today that my teacher said "the sad thing is, I would actually want to come with you" - my History and Sociology teachers are probably some of the coolest teachers you'd meet and just so lovely and it was going to be an end of year trip for anyone that wanted to join in.

So that's a little something I wanted to share and I'm actually so incredibly excited about it, hopefully it will happen in the future. I also wanted to have a little rant but I should probably leave you all alone now as you'll be bored of me soon.

Hope you've all had a nice day, bye dolls x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I Predict A Riot

I predict a riot

I think skorts are amazingly beautiful because its like you can get away with wearing a short skirt because they're short without being called nasty names (because you're hot and girls being that mean stuff). So I thought I'd just write a quick prediction of what I think is going to be a bit more popular soon, this may or may not be the case (I'll probably be wrong but oh well!) 

I think they're going to become a bit more popular for a while. Skater skirts have been and gone, it seems like an era for something a bit more retro and out there. I'm definitely going to purchase one of these some time soon, probably to wear to a party or you could casually dress it down if you wanted but I think they'd most likely be worn to a party in my case.

How I would wear this: maybe with a white Cami top and statement necklace for me and a pair of Chelsea boots. What about you? 

I feel like these skorts elongate your legs which is always what girls are trying to go for so I suppose its a bonus for short legs like me and long legs because they'll just look super slim and hot. Why don't you try something new, if you wouldn't usually buy something like this..maybe try one on in a shop with some heels and see how it looks.

Bye dolls x

The Bag

I just posted a picture of an outfit in my previous post and I was just sitting there thinking, that bag is really cute and would probably work with a lot of different outfits..I think this Polyvore website is going to result in me spending all my money on clothes!

I then realised pay day is on Friday which automatically got me thinking hmm how am I feeling about spending £10 which is two hours of work. Two hours of painful work at Domino's Pizza (yes I work at Domino's, yes its really just poo, wah worst job ever which is why I'm looking into finding a retail job - clothes discount and just generally better).

SO this resulted in me just purchasing it right now with 20% student discount from the shop Bank which is in England but I think they deliver internationally (if anyone is interested in getting it). Its just really cute and I haven't got any tan bags, backpacks can also be very convenient. I'll post pictures of how it looks when it comes in the post. I feel so guilty because this money is not supposed to be spent, I've spent way too much money lately but oh well..I deserve it..I think!

Anywho, just a short post to try and make me feel less guilty! Helppp haha, I got my coursework done for anyone who cares about my education, just putting that out there..which means I can blog more tomorrow yay! I'll leave you all in peace now.

Goodnight dolls x

Chill Day OOTD

Chill day

Topshop zipper sweatshirt / Topshop jeans / Converse sneaker, $72 / Tan backpack, $16 / Reason beanie hat / Old Navy plus size black belt

Bonjour blogger people!

I'm not too sure why Polyvore is putting the prices in dollars as I'm in England and therefore it is not relevant to us but oh well, if anyone is actually interested you can always just click on the link and find it that way!

I just thought I'd do a quick outfit of the day on Polyvore for a chill day because I'm super tired today and I have lots of coursework to do, I'll post something tomorrow for you guys but for now this is all as my eyes don't want to stay open. I need a nap aghh!! Tired me. I can't even speak properly, how silly. Anyway, thanks for reading this teeny tiny post lovely people.

Blog you later dolls x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day Out OOTD

Day out

How beautiful is this outfit, I was just thinking of something to wear for a day/evening wear! It would be amazing if I could actually afford these clothes. I'm loving bold colours and statement necklaces at the moment, they're just complimentary to each other and they don't clash. I thought the orange and yellow would look strange together but with the right person wearing this - they would look hot hot hot!

I just made this in 5 minutes on Polyvore, its a very interesting website to get outfit inspiration from and I'll be using it a lot more now I've found it. I'll obviously be settling for smaller priced pieces myself (student here, no money) but its pretty cute. Hope this has inspired someone's day/evening look!

Blog you later dolls x 

Thoughts Into Words

As I wait for my crappy Internet to load I'm currently typing in the notes section on my Mac, I do have a lot of trouble with my internet actually, its a constant pain in the bum. Anyway onto the topic of this blog post, success doesn't happen over night and that's something that keeps me going which sounds cheesy and cliché but its true, and if something is meant to happen in your life then it will but it takes effort and time if you want to make it happen. Something can't happen without you putting time into it, for example: me at the moment. I decided to start blogging when I went through a bit of a personality change recently, I've taken such an interest in writing about anything and everything like I'm doing now and it feels like I'm speaking to a lot of people when in reality there's probably about 5 people reading my blog if that. But it does bring positivity in my life, which is why I've started doing this, I don't see it as a diary but more like a journal that I think SOME (not all) people might be interested in reading.

For sure, I'm not the best writer but its a good release in which you can say/write about whatever you want and I promise (I keep saying this) but I will be creating more visual posts as soon as I sort out my room and start posting outfits or pieces I've put together, maybe a room tour etc. Just anything in general. I think life has its different set out plans for everyone and everything that happens is supposed to. At the time it does happen you may think that it shouldn't have happened or you want things to go back to the way they were but I feel like it just brings positivity into your life after you settle down into your own person and truly find yourself. 

At the moment I'm slightly confused about what I want to do in my next three years, uni, education, teaching, fashion, blogging!!! Arghh what to do!! So many options and I'm very indecisive which is dreadful BUT I know I will gradually see the light. Hopefully! And then I'll decide what I want to do, I have a plan in mind for now which I'm going to stick to as it works out best for me personally. I don't like following the crowd in the way that everyone has this preconceived idea of what things should be like! For example: uni is only good if you live on campus and you make so many friends that way. Okay, fair enough but I'm sure that people make friends even if they don't live on campus. Its inevitable, everyone makes new friends. I've seen the light and realised I don't have to follow what everyone else says in this case and decided that I AM going to stay home! Plus I live right next to London and my campus will be about forty minutes away, it wouldn't even take me a long time to commute!

I feel like whenever I write a blog post, everything is everywhere and I need more structure but this is what's in my head at the moment and in this exact order in my brain, I'm just blurting out whatever I want to say on this lovely blog - its working for me..I think hahaha. I hope you've found this slightly interesting or maybe you're just thinking "shut up!" but oh well, its good to be slightly controversial. I have coursework to do, boo.

Bye for now dolls x 

Potentially Life Changing Decisions

Hola blogger people ! 

Surprisingly, an enjoyable day of school. That might be down to the fact that I had a well deserved three day weekend or just because everyone seemed jolly! 

Beginning of the day was slightly unproductive as usual, me and my friend never actually manage to finish an essay in a lesson where we're allowed to talk. Also, ICT coursework is wrecking my brain, I don't think I'm made for coursework subjects. It's literally talking about a lot of things that don't make sense! 

However, it got slightly more confusing when we were talking about what we wanted to do at university because I've had a sudden change in what I actually think I'll enjoy. I really think a fashion degree would be amazing but I don't think it's practical for me because I'm not very extrovert and I think that's one thing you definitely have to be. I'm not even sure if I want to stay at home anymore or live on campus because that's the "uni experience" (which I'm not even sure it is) but I just don't know! Plus I'm so indecisive so it kind of makes the decision even more complicated. Maybe I'll just stick to the plan and go to Canterbury for primary education. Who knows what will change in a couple of months. 

This post wasn't very interesting but I thought I'd let everyone into my teenage life crisis. I just don't want to do something for three years that I won't thoroughly enjoy. If anyone has any advice, do let me know because at the moment I have no idea and people that have already experienced this obviously know what has worked for them. 

Bye for now dolls x 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Face Routine

I just couldn't help myself - another post for you lovely people.

I'm really getting into the gist of this blogging thing and thought I'd actually attempt to write something that people can relate to..beginning with what I put of my face every day for sixth form! Although I'm not very good at looking after my skin...I do try and pamper it a bit hahaha, who am I kidding..I don't really!

Unfortunately sometimes (most of the time) I forget to take off my make up! Ridiculous, I know, but sometimes I can't help it and I don't usually break out into spots that quickly so it doesn't really affect me however, I would never recommend doing that just because its bad for your skin. Although, saying that, I do actually shower every night so I suppose it does come off in that way..right?

On that note I'll carry on with what I was initially talking about! I start my morning with Simple Moisturiser - just a normal drugstore moisturiser (nothing fancy, part time job/student here) which I got from Superdrug - I'm not too sure if people use brushes for this but I just put it on with my hands. Then I put my No7 True Match Foundation on which is also from Boots at about £12 something around that price, I actually do use a brush for this but its not Mac or anything spectacular, just something I picked up probably from Superdrug for about £3. As I don't use brushes for beauty reasons I don't really own many but maybe that will change in this coming year if people want to see make up tutorials or just if I feel like it! I let all that set whilst I do my hair and then to finish off a plain Jane school look I just put on my L'Oreal mascara along with another MaxFactor mascara for extra thickness on my lashes.

This is an added extra bit since I wrote this post so if anyone is reading this after the initial post you'll see, if not - this doesn't exist to you. I forgot to write about the fact that I do actually get break outs on my forehead usually around once a month and they last all month until they gradually fade away. I'm not sure if anyone has any tips for spots on your forehead because its an awkward section to cater to. So let me know in the comments or any way really!

And that's about it! I really don't go through too much make-up as it doesn't really bother me too much because I'm not too fussed about my skin as it stays normal which is more than I could ask for as I really am quite a lazy person when it comes to skincare (bad, I know) but it somehow works for me. Anyway, I hope this blog post was relevant to your life somehow or if you've read this far then that's great. I promise pictures to come soon!

Goodbye for now dolls x

Introduction To My Blog

So I thought I would start up a blog initially to just find out if people are actually interested in what I have to say. As time goes on I'll hopefully get better at this and find out how to get a design going on here but at the moment I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm currently at sixth form studying to get into university in England, quite close to London actually. Kent is probably about a thirty minute drive to London so its close for me to travel back and forth as I wish. I've been thinking about going to uni in London actually but I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet.

As I'm in my final year of sixth form I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do and how I want to get through my three years at uni! And to be honest, all I do is watch YouTube videos at the moment and get distracted from my sixth form work all the time, as you can imagine that's probably not the best timing as I need to get my grades for me to get into uni. However, I'm planning on starting up my YouTube channel purely because it seems fun. I'm not quite sure what's going to be on there yet (as you can tell I'm quite indecisive) and all I've thought about is what my name is going to be. 

I came up with 'dollydonj' literally because my tumblr name used to be 'heydolly' and my name is Donjeta! Woops forgot to start with my name haha and I'm seventeen by the way (nearly eighteen- two more months yay) and that is how 'dollydonj' came about. It has nothing to do with dolls or donjs? But my friends call me Donj sometimes and I thought it had a slight ring to it and I really couldn't think of anything else.

Umm so I'll be posting about lifestyle things, fashion (not so much beauty as I'm rubbish) but hopefully things around that area and just life in general as this post has been about me! Maybe I'll write things similar to this or maybe I'll look back in a while and think "why the hell did I write that?" but oh well, enjoy.

Bye dolls x