Saturday, 16 November 2013

An Update: Benefit

Hello bloggers and people of the Internet! 

So last week, or the week before (goldfish memory), I wrote a post about how I would update everyone with the effects of my Benefit testers and let you know how my skin got on with the products and whether I would purchase them.

Something you should know about my skin type before I explain my opinion is that it's generally not too bad. I don't get spots that much, only majorly around once a month. Also, I'm not allergic to things and my skin isn't very sensitive which is why I found it strange that I had a slight reaction to the makeup.

Lets start with the 'It's Potent! Eye Cream'. I can't say many extremely positive things about this cream because I don't think it really serves its purpose. I had many late nights this week and applied this every morning before sixth form and I still looked very zombie like. I'm not saying it has to have an extreme effect but it is very similar to moisturiser so I wouldn't spend any extra money just for this cream. However, the smell of the cream was nice, as was the smell of the other two moisturising products.

Moving swiftly along. The 'Triple Performing Facial Emulsion' was something that I would purchase. Even though it is slightly expensive (£18.45 at the moment in Debenhams), I would go out and buy this moisturiser because its really, really good and does what it says on the tin. When I put this on my forehead at night, I noticed the next day that it was extremely smoother in comparison to when I just put normal moisturiser on. This may sound strange but if you are uncomfortable with your forehead lines (which I am), this moisturiser really makes your whole forehead smooth and the lines are less evident. I don't usually put makeup on my forehead due to the lines being awkward and noticeable but some people do because they're like "but then it doesn't match your face?", no one has ever noticed when I've done it so...yeah! 

(Wow I just had a major detour, left my laptop for about an hour, this was supposed to be up ages ago!!)

The 'Total Moisture Face Cream' has been o-kay! Nothing amazing though, I personally wouldn't purchase this product. I tried this in place of the Triple Performing moisturiser and it didn't have the same effect on my forehead which I was clearly amazed by so I would prefer to go with Triple Performing. All of these products smelled amazingly good which I would expect for the price. Personally, I don't mind fragranced skin products, it makes me want to buy the product more but some people despise it so I suppose its your choice, if that's what you like.

The 'Hello Flawless' foundation wasn't up my street either. I don't think I would be willing to spend £25 on this when the foundation I'm using at the moment is perfectly fine. The coverage was kind of poo and it didn't last me all day at school which is something I look for in a foundation. The price and overall performance of this product means I will not be buying it!

*Warning* Right so, I didn't get this as a tester because its not available but I went to try this on in the shop. The Benefit 'Watt's Up' highlighter was so, so, so annoying! The girl at the counter put it on for me and as much as I wanted to like it because of the effect its supposed to give, I didn't. So I got home and by the end of the night I had somehow got a rash on the cheekbones of my face. I had completely forgotten that I had the highlighter on and was wondering why it randomly appeared because my skin never has a reaction to anything. I was actually really devastated because this was a product I really wanted to buy but the reaction of irritated skin (tiny little spots all clustered together) means I definitely won't be buying it now...*sad face*. The rash unfortunately still hasn't cleared and is still next to both of my eyes and cheekbones!

That's all for now. Hope you're all well x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Black And Gold Feeling

Black and gold feeling

Dorothy Perkins black top / Steffen Schraut long sleeve button up shirt / Topshop grey skinny pants / Lipstik mid heel shoes, $38 / Miss Selfridge hinged bangle / ASOS wide band ring / River Island gold tone jewelry, $19

Hola, hello there, bonjour, welcome!

Do you know what kind of annoys me slightly about Polyvore? The prices are in dollars for all our American friends but not in pounds for us! However, I'm sure you can find out how much they are on the websites.

How are y'all doing? (I sound like a hillbilly).
I think I've found a staple accessory item that you might see on every single outfit post from now on and its the rings that I am yet to purchase but I will soon, just you wait and see blog, just you wait and see.

Onto the actual topic...of the outfit. This blazer is just, perfecto. I've been looking for a decent priced longline blazer this week to compare with others because the prices of them are quite high if you want them in a good quality that'll last long. I'm not going to say its the cheapest of items but with student discount it knocks a bit off the price. The retail price is £43 and then 10% or 20% off slightly lowers the price, its only a couple of pounds off which could be spent elsewhere so its a bonus in that sense. 

The white top that I've picked is extremely expensive, in no way does that mirror how much I would spend on a white collared top in reality but it was the first one that caught my eye. I didn't want a really flowwy or chiffon type, I wanted a bit more of a thicker (?) type if that makes sense people. I can't quite put my finger on the material I'm thinking of but its not the see-through type, so anything of the opposite.

The pants from Topshop are also quite expensive, around £50 - you see, I would only buy these if I knew I was going to get a lot of wear out of them and before I buy them I would have to think about all the different outfits I could make up. This is what happens when you're on a not so great part-time wage, you have to think about it and not impulse buy which is crap but hey, that's life when you're seventeen!

The shoes just reflect my personal outlook on boots at the moment. I'm loving the buckle detail on most boots and that's attracting me to buy a pair of something similar to these in this post or maybe with a little chunky heel...I'm not too sure about that one yet. I do like them, don't get me wrong, but a lot of people are wearing the shoes in a really strange way so I'm not quite sure yet.

That's all for today bloggerz (do you say zed or zee when pronouncing the letter 'Z'? I'm pretty much asking if you're American, British or weird), I'm off to do some coursework. Goodbye x

Monday, 4 November 2013

Benefit Rendezvous

Hello dolls! Its finally here, a post with my own pictures (FINALLY).

So I wandered into the big wide world of Debenhams today and to my surprise picked up a couple of freebies that I can't say I was expecting to come across. I was looking around the make-up counters trying to find the new Watts Up highlighter by Benefit, I found it! But to my dismay, it is a large sum of money, £24 to be exact...for a highlighter. For now, I'm debating on whether I want to purchase it or not. I might go back and try it on again with foundation as I had just come back from the library and floated around the Benefit counter for a while with no make up on - so obviously the highlighter was not applied properly.

However, I did apply it on my face and it did look pretty good. It gave a glow to my cheek bones which I've been looking for, for a LONG time! I've always wondered "how to the beauty gurus have such glowing cheekbones?" and I seem to have found the secret potion of beauty. I also found that they have jobs at the Benefit counter and you don't have to have make up experience so guess who's applying? Yes, me, you guessed correctly. Might as well try, I mean how amazing would the discounts be?

Anyway, onto the main point of this post! I got a lot of freebies to try out and I'll tell you how I have found them this week. The lady was so kind enough to give me two of everything and I had been meaning to try their foundation as I'm on the hunt for a new one (bonus), so here goes nothing. Enjoy my very inexperienced photo taking skills.

First of all, how amazing is this packaging? They really do know how to sway customers and this is just for people who are sampling the products! They do put a lot of effort into their packaging but somehow make it look chic and effortless whilst still very classy.

I was quite impressed with the amount of foundation they give you. Usually other testers I have picked up have been considerably smaller. The fact that I also got two means I will be able to test it properly on my skin to see if it blends well with my skin tone!

This product I'm assuming is some sort of moisturiser which is applied onto a freshly cleaned face - to those who have problems with oily skin, its oil free, not to worry!  I believe this is something you could put before applying make up to rejuvenate your skin a little.

The main purpose of this product is to get rid of dark circles and younger looking eyes. Eye cream, I challenge you to a duel of making my eye bags vanish, even just slightly...please!

The total moisture facial cream is your 'average Joe' of moisturisers and is just the solution to any dry skin which I have a lot of problems with, in winter especially so this should be interesting to explore. If it doesn't work, I'll be completely honest with it as I have nothing to lose because these things were all free.

All in all there were 8 products, duplicates of each which means I will be writing how I found the four products. The four were the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Total Moisture Facial Cream and their own eye cream!

Have fun indulging in these amateur pictures and let me know what you think of this post and if you'd like to see more like this! Thanks for reading dolls, hope you're all well x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dare To Wear

Dare to wear

H&M long sleeve shirt, $13 / River Island top, $32 / Mini skirt / Vegan boots / ASOS crossbody handbag / ASOS ring / Dogeared charm necklace

Its that time of the year where I'm not sure if you'd be able to get away with this without getting a cold, I'm pretty sure you can't without a pair of tights or more layers on top buts its worth a try!

This was an outfit I was meaning to put together for ages because of the skort (that I'm yet to purchase *insert sad face*) and the boots I really wanted as well but they might not be everyone's cup of tea. I posted this on Polyvore but I do prefer writing about why I picked things and if you can get them cheaper. 

I really like the boots, they just give it this effortless, cool vibe.I might actually grab three out of 7 items in this outfit - the skort and long sleeve knitted jumper because they just look really good together. This website is not good for my bank balance. Also the rings because they look fab. 

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this look. I'll see you all soon x

My Birth Month Has Arrived

Hello people of the slightly weird, crazy, interesting INTERNET! How are we all?

So its finally November, these months are actually flying by and next thing you know it'll be time for me to do my exams...what a joyous occasion! NOT!

I thought I would do my first November post today because its back to school tomorrow which means the same old boring routine: school, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I'm going to TRY, keyword here, try, to eat a bit more healthily this month because I've been dreadful these past couple of months. My sister suggested that we go back to the gym now, its been about three months since I've been and I do think its a good idea as I can't seem to run up the stairs without being out of breath. I'm a failure of a human, don't judge me. So I'll keep you posted on the so called 'healthy eating" and if I actually end up going to the gym.

I've just literally finished one of my long pieces of work I was set to do on my week off but procrastination at its finest kicked in today, I waited the day before to do it. I literally can't help myself, it keeps happening, its like a vicious cycle. You know when you're doing a piece of work and you just find any thing to distract yourself with, well yeah I didn't do that for the first time in my school life which I was proud of myself for. Pat on the back for me. But I really wanted to write a blog post so here I am, aloha.

Its November which means its getting closer to my 18th and I still have no idea what to do. The thing that I really want to do is literally go crazy shopping but I'm not sure whether to do that in London (whey) or just go to a big shopping centre called Bluewater or Lakeside even, decisions. I just want to pack my wardrobe full of lovely clothes! The reason I'm waiting until my birthday is I can spend my whole wage for this month on clothes (yay) and I also just ordered a new NUS card (yay x2) so I get a bit more discount on some shops like Topshop/Miss Selfridge blah blah and some other shops.

Once again, I've been thinking about school. Its also coming up to the time where I need to pick my University options and I don't really have 5, I kind of only have 2 that I would actually want to go to because they're close to me so it'll be very annoying if I don't get either. Fingers crossed. I'll just have to pick three that I'm not too fussed about I suppose. I don't know why I even get stressed out about this stuff because it'll probably work out but the risk of it not is a little bit scary.

Anyway that was just a little update of what's crack-a-lack-ing? I'm not even sure if that's right, I just don't know anything anymore - the week off has frazzled my brain.

Goodbye for now guys and gals x

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Its Always The Same


Hey guys, it feels like I always start off the blog post with the same thing or I say that its been a while every time I start a new post, because it has but that's beside the point. It may well have been a while but I feel like I need a new catchphrase or something that I can say and people will be like "oh hey doesn't that girl say that" but I've got nothing to that effect except "hey guys", how lame.

Moving on from my slightly strange introduction to this post. ITS HALLOWEEN! Did anybody dress up? If so, let me see your pictures on your blogs or post them somewhere and send a link, that would be awesome as I sadly didn't dress up this year, boo. I feel like I've slightly outgrown this holiday now, its actually put into perspective that its no longer acceptable for me to dress up silly or to ask people for free sweets. Me and my friend attempted to do scary halloween inspired make up this weekend and it went *terribly* wrong as we are utterly rubbish at doing make up and it should be taken away from us. I ended up looking like I'd been punched in the eye (which you may be thinking, "isn't that what you would be going for, I mean it is halloween") but the thing  is, that wasn't really how it looked - it seemed like I'd just smudged some eyeshadow on my face. There was a reason for this by the way, we don't just sit there in our spare time and try to look scary. We had plans for the weekend but unfortunately my boss didn't give me the day off so the plan went sour. This made me realise I probably need to start learning how to apply make up because everybody seems to know except me, plus I look like a 12 year old so it would help me actually look my age rather than get mistaken for someone six years younger. Don't get me wrong, its great to look younger...when you're about 40.

Its more than half way through my week off and I've got tons of work to be doing. Yet I'm here blogging to everyone about having lots of work to do but not doing anything, procrastinating as we know it. I actually don't know why but I procrastinate more than the average person. At the time (right now) I feel like I have a lot of time to do it so I start making excuses for the next day, oh I'll wake up really early tomorrow and start doing my work and then finish it all. I can't even do that on a regular day, let alone when I have a week off. So I pretty much lie to myself so I don't have to do it today. However, I somehow always manage to finish so I'll wind up doing some day. I'm sure there's a minority of us out there, hey you 6% of the population who are extremely lazy, I feel you. But who wants to really talk about Sociology anyway, its a bunch of pretentious snobs that think they know what causes problems in society when in reality its probably just the corruption of the government or our human nature that causes them, its fun to learn (am I really saying this?) but I'd rather blog.

I've just realised why no one reads my posts - probably because the titles seem like hormonal teenage girl problems. I just never know what to name my posts so they end up sounding peculiar and well, hormonal? That may be due to the fact I am a 17 year old teenage girl or because I am too lazy to think of something interesting. I'm thinking the second option. Don't be fooled by the strange title people of the Internet, I promise its not that type of blog...or is it because its starting to sound like one. Moving swiftly along...this post has been slightly dishevelled as I don't seem to have clear structure in what I'm writing about. Its just kind of there, in space, on paper, on a white background even, with black print. What I'm thinking at this specific moment in time 1:07am 1/11/2013, almost like a diary of some sort.

Internet shopping will be the debt of me. Its a problem to most in this day and age, not only can you shop in town/at a shopping centre but you can go home and shop on your computer. Its the fascination of putting so many items into your imaginary shopping bag that you won't really buy because it totals over £100 every time but you keep going anyway. Yeah, that feeling. I'm pretty sure I will at some point in my life be in that position (debt) due to the fact that there are SO MANY SALES when I'm in no current position to be spending the amount of money I'd like to on clothes. However, good news for me - its nearly my birthday. Which means for one day I'm just going to go wild, absolutely crazy (not really) and spend quite a bit of money on clothes and stuff and things I probably don't need but I'm going to buy anyway. Knowing my luck, there will be no sales and no nice clothes in the stores at the time I go shopping. Just you watch, I'll definitely let you know if that happens.

My friend actually told me to write a blog post about boots and it just clicked in my head that I really do need a decent, long lasting pair of boots. I literally have one pair of boots and they're not appropriate for walking long distances as they're heels so I'm currently on the hunt for a new pair of boots. If anybody has any nice boots they've recently purchased then drop a link in the comments section please and let me know! I'm now going to retreat to Polyvore on the search for some boots as that has been the easiest place for me to find items in my price range and really nice ones at that.

I will be seeing you lovely people sooner rather than later, goodbye for now dolls x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hello Blog

HELLO everyone!

Feeling overly jolly due to the fact that I'm listening to Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson and its all hippy dippy and makes everyone happier.

So just a couple of things I've been thinking about and things everyone should know. So next week, not this week starting but the week after I think I have a week...(I think) off and that means...BLOG POSTS FOR EVERYONE! What that really means is I'll be updating a bit more due to having a bit more time.

So I finally got my personal statement down. I took the advice that my teacher gave me and just literally wrote anything good/decent on paper and in some sort of order so that he could then edit it and I could re-draft and thankfully that's been done. So I'm now on my second draft and I'm really happy with the way it flows (yay me) but it still needs to be drafted a couple more times before its ready to be sent off. Anyone in my position at the moment may be feeling the same as me or I may be slightly overreacting (which is exactly like me, drama queen), however, it feels like time is going really quickly. I mean its already October holidays and my birthday is in a month and I'm nearly EIGHTEEN (woah!!) which then means its nearly Christmas and it may seem like I'm rambling in this extremely long sentence but that's because I am because that means its nearly 2014, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE 2013!

Okay so, personal statement in progress. I also just wanted to have a little mini ramble about what type of car I want to get just because I really am torn between the decision of a red Mini Cooper or a black Vauxhall Corsa. If anybody has any ideas or opinions on the two different cars or just if you own either then let me know what they're like pretty please as I'm really rubbish at this car stuff so you could be making my life a little bit easier by letting me know! The reason why I don't know which to get is because the Mini Cooper is what I really want but its only 2003 for the same amount of money I could be getting a 2008 Vauxhall Corsa. However, the Mini does look updated inside, can't fault it but I'm just not really sure at the moment and I don't really want to regret my decision as it will be costing me a bit of dosh (and its my own money which is harder to give away, if anyone gets this understand me).

I've been thinking about also starting to post my own outfits due to the fact that my sister has let me borrow her camera now (three cheers for my older sister..hip hip hooray), I just don't know whether anybody would rather me post Polyvore outfits or my own. Its just that I'm not good at the whole picture taking process yet because I haven't had much experience with this (or any camera) so I suppose I better get learning! On the same theme as learning, I've been messing around with Final Cut Pro which is pretty amazing, the effects and crazy editing things you can do on there is pretty amaze balls so I'm getting used to that a little bit as well which I'm really excited about and maybe I'll get to use it one day.

Sorry but I've just had to write this even though its irrelevant to anything in this post. There's a really annoying ladybird in my room. I mean, I'm not a nature hater but its making a really strange buzzing noise that I didn't know they could do and I think its potentially taking a dump on my lamp which is brilliant as my lamp is touch to turn on/off. Great.

This upcoming week I'm also starting my driving lessons as well which should be great...can you sense the happiness in my neither can I because I HATE driving! Maybe when I can actually do it then I'll be like oh yay driving lesson but right now, nah, no, its not happening. My friend keeps gloating about his driving lessons just to annoy me and he's been on less than me and can already 3 point turn...then there's me still stalling, WHY ME. So this random little rant type post/completely random was just due to the fact that I was reading blogs then realised I haven't updated in a while.

I thought I'd just say, I am really into this blogging thing but I'm not even sure if what I'm saying is slightly relevant to anyone but I'm going to keep writing about anything and everything (maybe with more structure soon but I'm not sure how to do that yet) in the hope that people will read this soon or just generally be like "oh what's that about?". Just because I think I find these types of posts interesting, when I find someone that is the same age-ish as me who has a blog, I just sit there vigorously reading through their blog posts because I wonder what's going on or if they're doing a similar thing to me or where they got that bag from, you know? I'm not even sure if that made sense, but hopefully it will piece together soon as I'm not too sure if anything is being seen at the moment but thanks to those who have even read one of my posts!

Hope you're all well, bye for now dolls x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Past Couple Of Days

Hey guys

Yesterday I was at school, on a! We had an open day and sixth formers were expected to attend it so me and my friend decided to go along and help our sociology/history teachers. It was only three hours so it wasn't like it took up a lot of my time. Oh, I didn't get the job at Miss Selfridge, boo. Don't worry I'm not crying or anything haha. Once the open day was done we decided to get some lunch and headed to Nandos, we couldn't be bothered to walk so we asked for a cheeky lift from our sociology teacher (she's so cute) and she gave us a lift there so we got lucky, its was brrr really really cold!

We then went round the small shopping centre there and I was just looking for some room decoration ideas/inspiration and found a couple of things I liked. My friend bought a tartan pillow which was really cute and only £6 from The Range which is like a furniture/home decoration store, I'm not sure if its everywhere in England but I'm sure it is.

I was just thinking about what I bought yesterday and it was only from Primark but still really nice and deserves credit (saying this because some people don't think Primark is a nice shop when really, it does sell quality stuff sometimes). I was looking for a tartan print of some sort to go with anything. I didn't know what item of clothing I wanted it to be on but I was having a look around and went into Primark and found a tartan scarf, a red pattern and only £5! Bargain (as it always is), the material is nice and its worth having a look if you're looking for one. 

I then went into the shoe section which I don't usually do because Primark shoes never last long, I bought some school shoes about a month ago and they're already letting water in so I wanted something a bit more sturdy. SO I decided to look for these shoes that I'd seen my teacher wearing which were just a pair of fake Docs but they actually look really, really nice! At the moment I'm trying to save money so I didn't really fancy forking out £90 for a real pair and I settled for this black pair of Primark Docs that have a tartan pattern inside and on the outside are a polished finish. I really do think they were worth £12, we'll have to see how long they last me now (I'll keep you posted) but I definitely think they're a good investment for English weather and the tendency it has to ruin all of my shoes.

Work later on was a complete nightmare. I think the whole of my town decided to order pizza on the same night and it was literally such a challenge to complete 300+ orders in about three hours - bearing in mind they were ordering more than 4 pizzas in each order because of a stupid 50% off deal, you do the maths. All I know is there was lots of pizza everywhere and I cut my finger, wah. It was like a movie scene where when they achieve something everyone starts clapping, when we'd finally cleared the screen after 3 hours of a constant rush of pizza...everyone clapped hahaha, its so cliché but it happened. I did a couple hours overtime this week so that should be a nice surprise on pay day that I can then spend on lots of clothes yay!

The reason why I'm saving my money at the moment is because I really need to complete my driving lessons and buy my own car because I'm fed up of relying on people for lifts when I know I can have my own money and car to go wherever I want. Plus, when does anybody ever have too many clothes - I've reached the point where I seem to think I have lots of money to spare and buy whatever I like (not good). Anyway, thank you for listening to my rambling, ranting and annoying stories.

Bye for now dolls x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

It's Been A While

Hello bloggerinos 

I feel bad…I haven't posted anything in about a week and this seems unnatural and I feel like I owe it to you guys to write something down or explain why I haven't put anything up.

This week has been a pretty hectic week. So the beginning of the week just started with overdue work which I should have completed in the other week so I'm already behind for the load of work this week that I have to do. Also, I got called for a  job interview in Miss Selfridge (which I don't think I got) BUT it was a really good experience for one of my first interviews, it helped me find out what type of questions they ask you in retail so I'll be better prepared or available for next time. It was really nice to just get an interview because I haven't had any major retail experience before in a fashion type shop so it was definitely worth me trying.

Also, the school link with China didn't pan out (as I anticipated) so we tried to just sponsor a child which would initially cost £180 a year which we were fine with and the fundraising could be done easily but we weren't too keen because they would only write to us twice a year which isn't quite what we had hoped for. Only based on the fact that we thought we would be able to make a difference in their education alongside the money aspect by communicating with them at least once a month. So we decided to do some research around the area and thought it would be more worthwhile to start raising awareness about current affairs such as the problems in Syria and how they're affecting kids our age and children in education. With links to Oxfam, we've now decided that we can do fundraising whilst also raising awareness in our school and try to make people realise that this could be happening to us so there shouldn't be any ignorance towards the subject and people should know what's going on.

Okay so enough about the job interview and school link. This week has also been pretty stressful because its the dreaded stage where I have to write a PERSONAL STATEMENT!! I have literally found this a challenge in itself just because I can't seem to write what I've gained from the experiences I've had, I know how its benefited me and I know its changed me as a person but the way I want to write it just doesn't sound RIGHT. Its just really hard for me as well because I am a secret perfectionist and if one person doesn't think it sounds good, I crumble and its just so difficult! I can't explain it in words, its likely to just come out of my mouth like "jehbluhsajkfblug", I'll get it done but it'll just take me a while and a bit.

SO that is what's been happening this week. I promise I will get back into the swing of things etc soon I just need a bit of time.

Bye for now dolls x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Casual Uni Day

Casual uni day

Although I don't go to uni yet, this is an outfit I'd probably wear just because of the ease and simplicity of it.

Docs are just a must (which I actually MUST buy), they are very expensive though so if you don't fancy spending about £80 on a pair of them you can always look in places like Primark who do very good look-alike Docs...I was actually tempted to buy a pair (I still am).

Jeans just because who doesn't like jeans, especially super soft ones, they feel like cotton wool on your skin, perfection!

Whack a beanie on with a tartan scarf - I've actually been trying to incorporate some tartan lately just because its 'in' at the moment and I don't want to stray from the crowd of tartan hype (I'm not quite sure what I meant by that, but go with it). I know people say not to wear sunnies because...well its not sunny anymore but I can't help but feel that they're essential sometimes, or just if you can't be bothered with eye make up for the day, sunnies, sorted.

Hope you enjoyed this very overdue blog post.

Bye dolls x

Monday, 30 September 2013

Throw Some Clothes On

Day out.

Okay so I know most of this stuff is out of everyone's price range but I really only make these outfits so that if I see something similar then I can just pick it up and throw it in my shopping bag. Such as the Celine bag, its way way way out of my price range between having a part time job and having no money, ever. You can get a knock off if you really like it from eBay and they really do look similar! I was going to get one on eBay but I've literally spent way too much this month on back to school clothes, random bits and bobs and just food really. Oh and some new face bits! I'm really digging the shoes though I might have to save up and get those from Topshop just because they seem practical or maybe look for a cheaper version in Primark etc!

Goodbye dolls x

Thursday, 26 September 2013


I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do in a while or just a plan for the next couple of years! Yes, I am a big planner but they usually never pan out how I want them to but I'll tell you what I want to do for now anyway.

So the idea of travelling had never really occurred to me before I started watching many different YouTubers and their crazy adventures. Yeah I'd heard about people taking gap years to go and travel with a couple of friends but it felt like it had no meaning. Today in sixth form we were going to link up with a school in Africa, China or South America to try and help or support them in any way we could - we thought about writing letters to the children and try and rustle up some money by doing fundraisers. Its just the beginning and we were just brainstorming some ideas. However, it got me really excited and I don't usually get into things like this but it made me think about volunteering at one of these places, to help children in different countries.

SO! I proposed the idea to my friend and the teacher that was making this school link happen about getting a few people together that may be interested in doing an end of year trip to a school in China, Africa or South America. In the beginning, we were a bit worried about going somewhere completely different for safety reasons but I wasn't really paying much attention to that side of it as the thought of helping a lot of children just with something so simple as writing a story with them or teaching them how to read was overwhelming and making me think it was something I really wanted to do.

I've never really been into this because 1) I have a very big fear of flying on airplanes and 2) it's slightly out of my comfort zone. Recently I've had a bit of a change in what I feel like doing in my life and realised that life's too short to waste and this experience would be utterly amazing, not just for me but for people that really need help. However, most of my friends probably wouldn't be up for it because of the money side and multiple costs it would create. I just wish there was a way that I could do this without it costing me £700+ as I would be more than happy to do it. But then life pulls you back and I realised that I have to actually start saving up for a car.

*Distracted by my mum bringing me blackberries, energy food for blogging!! She knows me too well*

Hopefully in the future something miraculous will happen where I can do this for cheaper OR I can just save up a lot of money once I've got my car and maybe take a couple of months when I graduate to travel and really do this as it's something I've thought about for a while now. Something that made me laugh today that my teacher said "the sad thing is, I would actually want to come with you" - my History and Sociology teachers are probably some of the coolest teachers you'd meet and just so lovely and it was going to be an end of year trip for anyone that wanted to join in.

So that's a little something I wanted to share and I'm actually so incredibly excited about it, hopefully it will happen in the future. I also wanted to have a little rant but I should probably leave you all alone now as you'll be bored of me soon.

Hope you've all had a nice day, bye dolls x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I Predict A Riot

I predict a riot

I think skorts are amazingly beautiful because its like you can get away with wearing a short skirt because they're short without being called nasty names (because you're hot and girls being that mean stuff). So I thought I'd just write a quick prediction of what I think is going to be a bit more popular soon, this may or may not be the case (I'll probably be wrong but oh well!) 

I think they're going to become a bit more popular for a while. Skater skirts have been and gone, it seems like an era for something a bit more retro and out there. I'm definitely going to purchase one of these some time soon, probably to wear to a party or you could casually dress it down if you wanted but I think they'd most likely be worn to a party in my case.

How I would wear this: maybe with a white Cami top and statement necklace for me and a pair of Chelsea boots. What about you? 

I feel like these skorts elongate your legs which is always what girls are trying to go for so I suppose its a bonus for short legs like me and long legs because they'll just look super slim and hot. Why don't you try something new, if you wouldn't usually buy something like this..maybe try one on in a shop with some heels and see how it looks.

Bye dolls x

The Bag

I just posted a picture of an outfit in my previous post and I was just sitting there thinking, that bag is really cute and would probably work with a lot of different outfits..I think this Polyvore website is going to result in me spending all my money on clothes!

I then realised pay day is on Friday which automatically got me thinking hmm how am I feeling about spending £10 which is two hours of work. Two hours of painful work at Domino's Pizza (yes I work at Domino's, yes its really just poo, wah worst job ever which is why I'm looking into finding a retail job - clothes discount and just generally better).

SO this resulted in me just purchasing it right now with 20% student discount from the shop Bank which is in England but I think they deliver internationally (if anyone is interested in getting it). Its just really cute and I haven't got any tan bags, backpacks can also be very convenient. I'll post pictures of how it looks when it comes in the post. I feel so guilty because this money is not supposed to be spent, I've spent way too much money lately but oh well..I deserve it..I think!

Anywho, just a short post to try and make me feel less guilty! Helppp haha, I got my coursework done for anyone who cares about my education, just putting that out there..which means I can blog more tomorrow yay! I'll leave you all in peace now.

Goodnight dolls x

Chill Day OOTD

Chill day

Topshop zipper sweatshirt / Topshop jeans / Converse sneaker, $72 / Tan backpack, $16 / Reason beanie hat / Old Navy plus size black belt

Bonjour blogger people!

I'm not too sure why Polyvore is putting the prices in dollars as I'm in England and therefore it is not relevant to us but oh well, if anyone is actually interested you can always just click on the link and find it that way!

I just thought I'd do a quick outfit of the day on Polyvore for a chill day because I'm super tired today and I have lots of coursework to do, I'll post something tomorrow for you guys but for now this is all as my eyes don't want to stay open. I need a nap aghh!! Tired me. I can't even speak properly, how silly. Anyway, thanks for reading this teeny tiny post lovely people.

Blog you later dolls x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day Out OOTD

Day out

How beautiful is this outfit, I was just thinking of something to wear for a day/evening wear! It would be amazing if I could actually afford these clothes. I'm loving bold colours and statement necklaces at the moment, they're just complimentary to each other and they don't clash. I thought the orange and yellow would look strange together but with the right person wearing this - they would look hot hot hot!

I just made this in 5 minutes on Polyvore, its a very interesting website to get outfit inspiration from and I'll be using it a lot more now I've found it. I'll obviously be settling for smaller priced pieces myself (student here, no money) but its pretty cute. Hope this has inspired someone's day/evening look!

Blog you later dolls x 

Thoughts Into Words

As I wait for my crappy Internet to load I'm currently typing in the notes section on my Mac, I do have a lot of trouble with my internet actually, its a constant pain in the bum. Anyway onto the topic of this blog post, success doesn't happen over night and that's something that keeps me going which sounds cheesy and cliché but its true, and if something is meant to happen in your life then it will but it takes effort and time if you want to make it happen. Something can't happen without you putting time into it, for example: me at the moment. I decided to start blogging when I went through a bit of a personality change recently, I've taken such an interest in writing about anything and everything like I'm doing now and it feels like I'm speaking to a lot of people when in reality there's probably about 5 people reading my blog if that. But it does bring positivity in my life, which is why I've started doing this, I don't see it as a diary but more like a journal that I think SOME (not all) people might be interested in reading.

For sure, I'm not the best writer but its a good release in which you can say/write about whatever you want and I promise (I keep saying this) but I will be creating more visual posts as soon as I sort out my room and start posting outfits or pieces I've put together, maybe a room tour etc. Just anything in general. I think life has its different set out plans for everyone and everything that happens is supposed to. At the time it does happen you may think that it shouldn't have happened or you want things to go back to the way they were but I feel like it just brings positivity into your life after you settle down into your own person and truly find yourself. 

At the moment I'm slightly confused about what I want to do in my next three years, uni, education, teaching, fashion, blogging!!! Arghh what to do!! So many options and I'm very indecisive which is dreadful BUT I know I will gradually see the light. Hopefully! And then I'll decide what I want to do, I have a plan in mind for now which I'm going to stick to as it works out best for me personally. I don't like following the crowd in the way that everyone has this preconceived idea of what things should be like! For example: uni is only good if you live on campus and you make so many friends that way. Okay, fair enough but I'm sure that people make friends even if they don't live on campus. Its inevitable, everyone makes new friends. I've seen the light and realised I don't have to follow what everyone else says in this case and decided that I AM going to stay home! Plus I live right next to London and my campus will be about forty minutes away, it wouldn't even take me a long time to commute!

I feel like whenever I write a blog post, everything is everywhere and I need more structure but this is what's in my head at the moment and in this exact order in my brain, I'm just blurting out whatever I want to say on this lovely blog - its working for me..I think hahaha. I hope you've found this slightly interesting or maybe you're just thinking "shut up!" but oh well, its good to be slightly controversial. I have coursework to do, boo.

Bye for now dolls x