Saturday, 16 November 2013

An Update: Benefit

Hello bloggers and people of the Internet! 

So last week, or the week before (goldfish memory), I wrote a post about how I would update everyone with the effects of my Benefit testers and let you know how my skin got on with the products and whether I would purchase them.

Something you should know about my skin type before I explain my opinion is that it's generally not too bad. I don't get spots that much, only majorly around once a month. Also, I'm not allergic to things and my skin isn't very sensitive which is why I found it strange that I had a slight reaction to the makeup.

Lets start with the 'It's Potent! Eye Cream'. I can't say many extremely positive things about this cream because I don't think it really serves its purpose. I had many late nights this week and applied this every morning before sixth form and I still looked very zombie like. I'm not saying it has to have an extreme effect but it is very similar to moisturiser so I wouldn't spend any extra money just for this cream. However, the smell of the cream was nice, as was the smell of the other two moisturising products.

Moving swiftly along. The 'Triple Performing Facial Emulsion' was something that I would purchase. Even though it is slightly expensive (£18.45 at the moment in Debenhams), I would go out and buy this moisturiser because its really, really good and does what it says on the tin. When I put this on my forehead at night, I noticed the next day that it was extremely smoother in comparison to when I just put normal moisturiser on. This may sound strange but if you are uncomfortable with your forehead lines (which I am), this moisturiser really makes your whole forehead smooth and the lines are less evident. I don't usually put makeup on my forehead due to the lines being awkward and noticeable but some people do because they're like "but then it doesn't match your face?", no one has ever noticed when I've done it so...yeah! 

(Wow I just had a major detour, left my laptop for about an hour, this was supposed to be up ages ago!!)

The 'Total Moisture Face Cream' has been o-kay! Nothing amazing though, I personally wouldn't purchase this product. I tried this in place of the Triple Performing moisturiser and it didn't have the same effect on my forehead which I was clearly amazed by so I would prefer to go with Triple Performing. All of these products smelled amazingly good which I would expect for the price. Personally, I don't mind fragranced skin products, it makes me want to buy the product more but some people despise it so I suppose its your choice, if that's what you like.

The 'Hello Flawless' foundation wasn't up my street either. I don't think I would be willing to spend £25 on this when the foundation I'm using at the moment is perfectly fine. The coverage was kind of poo and it didn't last me all day at school which is something I look for in a foundation. The price and overall performance of this product means I will not be buying it!

*Warning* Right so, I didn't get this as a tester because its not available but I went to try this on in the shop. The Benefit 'Watt's Up' highlighter was so, so, so annoying! The girl at the counter put it on for me and as much as I wanted to like it because of the effect its supposed to give, I didn't. So I got home and by the end of the night I had somehow got a rash on the cheekbones of my face. I had completely forgotten that I had the highlighter on and was wondering why it randomly appeared because my skin never has a reaction to anything. I was actually really devastated because this was a product I really wanted to buy but the reaction of irritated skin (tiny little spots all clustered together) means I definitely won't be buying it now...*sad face*. The rash unfortunately still hasn't cleared and is still next to both of my eyes and cheekbones!

That's all for now. Hope you're all well x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Black And Gold Feeling

Black and gold feeling

Dorothy Perkins black top / Steffen Schraut long sleeve button up shirt / Topshop grey skinny pants / Lipstik mid heel shoes, $38 / Miss Selfridge hinged bangle / ASOS wide band ring / River Island gold tone jewelry, $19

Hola, hello there, bonjour, welcome!

Do you know what kind of annoys me slightly about Polyvore? The prices are in dollars for all our American friends but not in pounds for us! However, I'm sure you can find out how much they are on the websites.

How are y'all doing? (I sound like a hillbilly).
I think I've found a staple accessory item that you might see on every single outfit post from now on and its the rings that I am yet to purchase but I will soon, just you wait and see blog, just you wait and see.

Onto the actual topic...of the outfit. This blazer is just, perfecto. I've been looking for a decent priced longline blazer this week to compare with others because the prices of them are quite high if you want them in a good quality that'll last long. I'm not going to say its the cheapest of items but with student discount it knocks a bit off the price. The retail price is £43 and then 10% or 20% off slightly lowers the price, its only a couple of pounds off which could be spent elsewhere so its a bonus in that sense. 

The white top that I've picked is extremely expensive, in no way does that mirror how much I would spend on a white collared top in reality but it was the first one that caught my eye. I didn't want a really flowwy or chiffon type, I wanted a bit more of a thicker (?) type if that makes sense people. I can't quite put my finger on the material I'm thinking of but its not the see-through type, so anything of the opposite.

The pants from Topshop are also quite expensive, around £50 - you see, I would only buy these if I knew I was going to get a lot of wear out of them and before I buy them I would have to think about all the different outfits I could make up. This is what happens when you're on a not so great part-time wage, you have to think about it and not impulse buy which is crap but hey, that's life when you're seventeen!

The shoes just reflect my personal outlook on boots at the moment. I'm loving the buckle detail on most boots and that's attracting me to buy a pair of something similar to these in this post or maybe with a little chunky heel...I'm not too sure about that one yet. I do like them, don't get me wrong, but a lot of people are wearing the shoes in a really strange way so I'm not quite sure yet.

That's all for today bloggerz (do you say zed or zee when pronouncing the letter 'Z'? I'm pretty much asking if you're American, British or weird), I'm off to do some coursework. Goodbye x

Monday, 4 November 2013

Benefit Rendezvous

Hello dolls! Its finally here, a post with my own pictures (FINALLY).

So I wandered into the big wide world of Debenhams today and to my surprise picked up a couple of freebies that I can't say I was expecting to come across. I was looking around the make-up counters trying to find the new Watts Up highlighter by Benefit, I found it! But to my dismay, it is a large sum of money, £24 to be exact...for a highlighter. For now, I'm debating on whether I want to purchase it or not. I might go back and try it on again with foundation as I had just come back from the library and floated around the Benefit counter for a while with no make up on - so obviously the highlighter was not applied properly.

However, I did apply it on my face and it did look pretty good. It gave a glow to my cheek bones which I've been looking for, for a LONG time! I've always wondered "how to the beauty gurus have such glowing cheekbones?" and I seem to have found the secret potion of beauty. I also found that they have jobs at the Benefit counter and you don't have to have make up experience so guess who's applying? Yes, me, you guessed correctly. Might as well try, I mean how amazing would the discounts be?

Anyway, onto the main point of this post! I got a lot of freebies to try out and I'll tell you how I have found them this week. The lady was so kind enough to give me two of everything and I had been meaning to try their foundation as I'm on the hunt for a new one (bonus), so here goes nothing. Enjoy my very inexperienced photo taking skills.

First of all, how amazing is this packaging? They really do know how to sway customers and this is just for people who are sampling the products! They do put a lot of effort into their packaging but somehow make it look chic and effortless whilst still very classy.

I was quite impressed with the amount of foundation they give you. Usually other testers I have picked up have been considerably smaller. The fact that I also got two means I will be able to test it properly on my skin to see if it blends well with my skin tone!

This product I'm assuming is some sort of moisturiser which is applied onto a freshly cleaned face - to those who have problems with oily skin, its oil free, not to worry!  I believe this is something you could put before applying make up to rejuvenate your skin a little.

The main purpose of this product is to get rid of dark circles and younger looking eyes. Eye cream, I challenge you to a duel of making my eye bags vanish, even just slightly...please!

The total moisture facial cream is your 'average Joe' of moisturisers and is just the solution to any dry skin which I have a lot of problems with, in winter especially so this should be interesting to explore. If it doesn't work, I'll be completely honest with it as I have nothing to lose because these things were all free.

All in all there were 8 products, duplicates of each which means I will be writing how I found the four products. The four were the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Total Moisture Facial Cream and their own eye cream!

Have fun indulging in these amateur pictures and let me know what you think of this post and if you'd like to see more like this! Thanks for reading dolls, hope you're all well x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dare To Wear

Dare to wear

H&M long sleeve shirt, $13 / River Island top, $32 / Mini skirt / Vegan boots / ASOS crossbody handbag / ASOS ring / Dogeared charm necklace

Its that time of the year where I'm not sure if you'd be able to get away with this without getting a cold, I'm pretty sure you can't without a pair of tights or more layers on top buts its worth a try!

This was an outfit I was meaning to put together for ages because of the skort (that I'm yet to purchase *insert sad face*) and the boots I really wanted as well but they might not be everyone's cup of tea. I posted this on Polyvore but I do prefer writing about why I picked things and if you can get them cheaper. 

I really like the boots, they just give it this effortless, cool vibe.I might actually grab three out of 7 items in this outfit - the skort and long sleeve knitted jumper because they just look really good together. This website is not good for my bank balance. Also the rings because they look fab. 

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this look. I'll see you all soon x

My Birth Month Has Arrived

Hello people of the slightly weird, crazy, interesting INTERNET! How are we all?

So its finally November, these months are actually flying by and next thing you know it'll be time for me to do my exams...what a joyous occasion! NOT!

I thought I would do my first November post today because its back to school tomorrow which means the same old boring routine: school, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I'm going to TRY, keyword here, try, to eat a bit more healthily this month because I've been dreadful these past couple of months. My sister suggested that we go back to the gym now, its been about three months since I've been and I do think its a good idea as I can't seem to run up the stairs without being out of breath. I'm a failure of a human, don't judge me. So I'll keep you posted on the so called 'healthy eating" and if I actually end up going to the gym.

I've just literally finished one of my long pieces of work I was set to do on my week off but procrastination at its finest kicked in today, I waited the day before to do it. I literally can't help myself, it keeps happening, its like a vicious cycle. You know when you're doing a piece of work and you just find any thing to distract yourself with, well yeah I didn't do that for the first time in my school life which I was proud of myself for. Pat on the back for me. But I really wanted to write a blog post so here I am, aloha.

Its November which means its getting closer to my 18th and I still have no idea what to do. The thing that I really want to do is literally go crazy shopping but I'm not sure whether to do that in London (whey) or just go to a big shopping centre called Bluewater or Lakeside even, decisions. I just want to pack my wardrobe full of lovely clothes! The reason I'm waiting until my birthday is I can spend my whole wage for this month on clothes (yay) and I also just ordered a new NUS card (yay x2) so I get a bit more discount on some shops like Topshop/Miss Selfridge blah blah and some other shops.

Once again, I've been thinking about school. Its also coming up to the time where I need to pick my University options and I don't really have 5, I kind of only have 2 that I would actually want to go to because they're close to me so it'll be very annoying if I don't get either. Fingers crossed. I'll just have to pick three that I'm not too fussed about I suppose. I don't know why I even get stressed out about this stuff because it'll probably work out but the risk of it not is a little bit scary.

Anyway that was just a little update of what's crack-a-lack-ing? I'm not even sure if that's right, I just don't know anything anymore - the week off has frazzled my brain.

Goodbye for now guys and gals x