Monday, 23 September 2013

Introduction To My Blog

So I thought I would start up a blog initially to just find out if people are actually interested in what I have to say. As time goes on I'll hopefully get better at this and find out how to get a design going on here but at the moment I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm currently at sixth form studying to get into university in England, quite close to London actually. Kent is probably about a thirty minute drive to London so its close for me to travel back and forth as I wish. I've been thinking about going to uni in London actually but I'm not quite sure what I want to do yet.

As I'm in my final year of sixth form I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do and how I want to get through my three years at uni! And to be honest, all I do is watch YouTube videos at the moment and get distracted from my sixth form work all the time, as you can imagine that's probably not the best timing as I need to get my grades for me to get into uni. However, I'm planning on starting up my YouTube channel purely because it seems fun. I'm not quite sure what's going to be on there yet (as you can tell I'm quite indecisive) and all I've thought about is what my name is going to be. 

I came up with 'dollydonj' literally because my tumblr name used to be 'heydolly' and my name is Donjeta! Woops forgot to start with my name haha and I'm seventeen by the way (nearly eighteen- two more months yay) and that is how 'dollydonj' came about. It has nothing to do with dolls or donjs? But my friends call me Donj sometimes and I thought it had a slight ring to it and I really couldn't think of anything else.

Umm so I'll be posting about lifestyle things, fashion (not so much beauty as I'm rubbish) but hopefully things around that area and just life in general as this post has been about me! Maybe I'll write things similar to this or maybe I'll look back in a while and think "why the hell did I write that?" but oh well, enjoy.

Bye dolls x

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