Monday, 23 September 2013

Face Routine

I just couldn't help myself - another post for you lovely people.

I'm really getting into the gist of this blogging thing and thought I'd actually attempt to write something that people can relate to..beginning with what I put of my face every day for sixth form! Although I'm not very good at looking after my skin...I do try and pamper it a bit hahaha, who am I kidding..I don't really!

Unfortunately sometimes (most of the time) I forget to take off my make up! Ridiculous, I know, but sometimes I can't help it and I don't usually break out into spots that quickly so it doesn't really affect me however, I would never recommend doing that just because its bad for your skin. Although, saying that, I do actually shower every night so I suppose it does come off in that way..right?

On that note I'll carry on with what I was initially talking about! I start my morning with Simple Moisturiser - just a normal drugstore moisturiser (nothing fancy, part time job/student here) which I got from Superdrug - I'm not too sure if people use brushes for this but I just put it on with my hands. Then I put my No7 True Match Foundation on which is also from Boots at about £12 something around that price, I actually do use a brush for this but its not Mac or anything spectacular, just something I picked up probably from Superdrug for about £3. As I don't use brushes for beauty reasons I don't really own many but maybe that will change in this coming year if people want to see make up tutorials or just if I feel like it! I let all that set whilst I do my hair and then to finish off a plain Jane school look I just put on my L'Oreal mascara along with another MaxFactor mascara for extra thickness on my lashes.

This is an added extra bit since I wrote this post so if anyone is reading this after the initial post you'll see, if not - this doesn't exist to you. I forgot to write about the fact that I do actually get break outs on my forehead usually around once a month and they last all month until they gradually fade away. I'm not sure if anyone has any tips for spots on your forehead because its an awkward section to cater to. So let me know in the comments or any way really!

And that's about it! I really don't go through too much make-up as it doesn't really bother me too much because I'm not too fussed about my skin as it stays normal which is more than I could ask for as I really am quite a lazy person when it comes to skincare (bad, I know) but it somehow works for me. Anyway, I hope this blog post was relevant to your life somehow or if you've read this far then that's great. I promise pictures to come soon!

Goodbye for now dolls x

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