Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chill Day OOTD

Chill day

Topshop zipper sweatshirt / Topshop jeans / Converse sneaker, $72 / Tan backpack, $16 / Reason beanie hat / Old Navy plus size black belt

Bonjour blogger people!

I'm not too sure why Polyvore is putting the prices in dollars as I'm in England and therefore it is not relevant to us but oh well, if anyone is actually interested you can always just click on the link and find it that way!

I just thought I'd do a quick outfit of the day on Polyvore for a chill day because I'm super tired today and I have lots of coursework to do, I'll post something tomorrow for you guys but for now this is all as my eyes don't want to stay open. I need a nap aghh!! Tired me. I can't even speak properly, how silly. Anyway, thanks for reading this teeny tiny post lovely people.

Blog you later dolls x

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