Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Bag

I just posted a picture of an outfit in my previous post and I was just sitting there thinking, that bag is really cute and would probably work with a lot of different outfits..I think this Polyvore website is going to result in me spending all my money on clothes!

I then realised pay day is on Friday which automatically got me thinking hmm how am I feeling about spending £10 which is two hours of work. Two hours of painful work at Domino's Pizza (yes I work at Domino's, yes its really just poo, wah worst job ever which is why I'm looking into finding a retail job - clothes discount and just generally better).

SO this resulted in me just purchasing it right now with 20% student discount from the shop Bank which is in England but I think they deliver internationally (if anyone is interested in getting it). Its just really cute and I haven't got any tan bags, backpacks can also be very convenient. I'll post pictures of how it looks when it comes in the post. I feel so guilty because this money is not supposed to be spent, I've spent way too much money lately but oh well..I deserve it..I think!

Anywho, just a short post to try and make me feel less guilty! Helppp haha, I got my coursework done for anyone who cares about my education, just putting that out there..which means I can blog more tomorrow yay! I'll leave you all in peace now.

Goodnight dolls x

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