Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Thoughts Into Words

As I wait for my crappy Internet to load I'm currently typing in the notes section on my Mac, I do have a lot of trouble with my internet actually, its a constant pain in the bum. Anyway onto the topic of this blog post, success doesn't happen over night and that's something that keeps me going which sounds cheesy and cliché but its true, and if something is meant to happen in your life then it will but it takes effort and time if you want to make it happen. Something can't happen without you putting time into it, for example: me at the moment. I decided to start blogging when I went through a bit of a personality change recently, I've taken such an interest in writing about anything and everything like I'm doing now and it feels like I'm speaking to a lot of people when in reality there's probably about 5 people reading my blog if that. But it does bring positivity in my life, which is why I've started doing this, I don't see it as a diary but more like a journal that I think SOME (not all) people might be interested in reading.

For sure, I'm not the best writer but its a good release in which you can say/write about whatever you want and I promise (I keep saying this) but I will be creating more visual posts as soon as I sort out my room and start posting outfits or pieces I've put together, maybe a room tour etc. Just anything in general. I think life has its different set out plans for everyone and everything that happens is supposed to. At the time it does happen you may think that it shouldn't have happened or you want things to go back to the way they were but I feel like it just brings positivity into your life after you settle down into your own person and truly find yourself. 

At the moment I'm slightly confused about what I want to do in my next three years, uni, education, teaching, fashion, blogging!!! Arghh what to do!! So many options and I'm very indecisive which is dreadful BUT I know I will gradually see the light. Hopefully! And then I'll decide what I want to do, I have a plan in mind for now which I'm going to stick to as it works out best for me personally. I don't like following the crowd in the way that everyone has this preconceived idea of what things should be like! For example: uni is only good if you live on campus and you make so many friends that way. Okay, fair enough but I'm sure that people make friends even if they don't live on campus. Its inevitable, everyone makes new friends. I've seen the light and realised I don't have to follow what everyone else says in this case and decided that I AM going to stay home! Plus I live right next to London and my campus will be about forty minutes away, it wouldn't even take me a long time to commute!

I feel like whenever I write a blog post, everything is everywhere and I need more structure but this is what's in my head at the moment and in this exact order in my brain, I'm just blurting out whatever I want to say on this lovely blog - its working for me..I think hahaha. I hope you've found this slightly interesting or maybe you're just thinking "shut up!" but oh well, its good to be slightly controversial. I have coursework to do, boo.

Bye for now dolls x 

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