Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Birth Month Has Arrived

Hello people of the slightly weird, crazy, interesting INTERNET! How are we all?

So its finally November, these months are actually flying by and next thing you know it'll be time for me to do my exams...what a joyous occasion! NOT!

I thought I would do my first November post today because its back to school tomorrow which means the same old boring routine: school, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I'm going to TRY, keyword here, try, to eat a bit more healthily this month because I've been dreadful these past couple of months. My sister suggested that we go back to the gym now, its been about three months since I've been and I do think its a good idea as I can't seem to run up the stairs without being out of breath. I'm a failure of a human, don't judge me. So I'll keep you posted on the so called 'healthy eating" and if I actually end up going to the gym.

I've just literally finished one of my long pieces of work I was set to do on my week off but procrastination at its finest kicked in today, I waited the day before to do it. I literally can't help myself, it keeps happening, its like a vicious cycle. You know when you're doing a piece of work and you just find any thing to distract yourself with, well yeah I didn't do that for the first time in my school life which I was proud of myself for. Pat on the back for me. But I really wanted to write a blog post so here I am, aloha.

Its November which means its getting closer to my 18th and I still have no idea what to do. The thing that I really want to do is literally go crazy shopping but I'm not sure whether to do that in London (whey) or just go to a big shopping centre called Bluewater or Lakeside even, decisions. I just want to pack my wardrobe full of lovely clothes! The reason I'm waiting until my birthday is I can spend my whole wage for this month on clothes (yay) and I also just ordered a new NUS card (yay x2) so I get a bit more discount on some shops like Topshop/Miss Selfridge blah blah and some other shops.

Once again, I've been thinking about school. Its also coming up to the time where I need to pick my University options and I don't really have 5, I kind of only have 2 that I would actually want to go to because they're close to me so it'll be very annoying if I don't get either. Fingers crossed. I'll just have to pick three that I'm not too fussed about I suppose. I don't know why I even get stressed out about this stuff because it'll probably work out but the risk of it not is a little bit scary.

Anyway that was just a little update of what's crack-a-lack-ing? I'm not even sure if that's right, I just don't know anything anymore - the week off has frazzled my brain.

Goodbye for now guys and gals x

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