Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Nail Polish Invasion

I feel like Bruce from Finding Nemo. 

Bruce: Hello. My name is Bruce. 
AnchorChum: Hello, Bruce. 
Bruce: It has been three weeks since my last fish, on my honour, or may I be chopped up and made into soup. 

Its been two days since I last purchased nail varnish and then two days before that I also bought some more. I go through these stages where I get very obsessed with buying nail varnishes and have to have them all. Strange? I'm sure everyone's done it at one point!

So this post is clearly about a new nail varnish purchase that I was very excited to blog about and I thought "what a good opportunity to take some pictures and plonk them on here", plonk doesn't sound appropriate because it sounds careless, more like "I thought long and hard about this decision and decided to upload these wonderful pictures".

I don't know how or why I randomly came across the modelsown website but I did, and its 50% off all nail varnishes at the moment!! The amazing thing is that they are all 14ml pots and that's around double the size of any other nail varnishes. For £2.50 I thought it would be ridiculous to miss out on. So I got my sisters involved too and they bought a couple. 

I'll be doing a couple of swatches of the different colours once my nails have grown as they look quite shabby at the moment. It was really quick delivery as well, they came within one working day which is great for standard delivery.

Cue the pictures!

A couple are duplicates because me and my sisters bought some of the same colours. Watch out for some swatches of these six colours!

Hope you're all well x

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