Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Writer's Block

Hey dolls!

I know its been a while since I've posted anything or had an update of what I've been doing but its literally been the most stressful year EVER! Saying that, I know some of you will be in the same position as me at the moment and its nearly over, we can do this! Two more months left of year 13 then UNIVERSITY! Hooray!

So as I said, I've mostly been focusing on things at school. I haven't even been to work either because I just wanted time to rest at this busy time of year. I feel as though I've been living at school because of all the work and after school sessions I have done lately, its so tiring and you really appreciate sleep when you get to this stage in life! How I wish I could go back to the life of five year old me and tell myself to take as many naps as possible.

I really hope everything that I've done in these two years pays off. I can't say I'm the best at revision so I would be 0 help to anyone looking for motivation because I am currently trying to buy motivation on the internet but I can't find any! Anyone, ideas, please?

The only major thing that has happened lately since I last blogged is that I finally PASSED my driving test! It was probably the most nerve wracking experience ever, my foot was shaking whenever I had to release the clutch and I screwed it up so many times. Somehow, with the help of the driving gods out there, I passed first time. It literally feels like a huge achievement when you pass, everyone that has passed will remember what it was like. I think its because of all the time you put into it and the fact that everyone else around you can drive, you just feel very proud.

Next chapter, I bought a car! Yay! Its not a great car but its also not a bad first car. My dad found it in our local area and it was fairly new and not very used at all which is brilliant. I got a Kia Picanto, I'm not sure what the reg plate is but I'm sure its 2007. I had initially been taught how to drive in a diesel car and I'm finding it difficult to adjust to a petrol car, also I'm really scared I don't have full control when I'm driving - speed wise. I don't drive quickly but when I want to slow down, its too abrupt.

So that's what's been going on. Plans for the next two months are to try and blog a lot more after exams finish. I've been thinking about finally writing a review on SkinnyMeTea which as most of you know is a detox tea made with natural ingredients. I've never had it before and I've heard lots of reviews about it which has made me want to try this out myself and give an honest opinion. Also I've finally sorted out the layout of my blog which I'm very happy with, this is how it will stay for a while. Hope everyone likes it! And, I was also thinking about putting some hauls on here very soon with outfits too!

Hope you guys have had a lovely Easter x

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