Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I Predict A Riot

I predict a riot

I think skorts are amazingly beautiful because its like you can get away with wearing a short skirt because they're short without being called nasty names (because you're hot and girls being that mean stuff). So I thought I'd just write a quick prediction of what I think is going to be a bit more popular soon, this may or may not be the case (I'll probably be wrong but oh well!) 

I think they're going to become a bit more popular for a while. Skater skirts have been and gone, it seems like an era for something a bit more retro and out there. I'm definitely going to purchase one of these some time soon, probably to wear to a party or you could casually dress it down if you wanted but I think they'd most likely be worn to a party in my case.

How I would wear this: maybe with a white Cami top and statement necklace for me and a pair of Chelsea boots. What about you? 

I feel like these skorts elongate your legs which is always what girls are trying to go for so I suppose its a bonus for short legs like me and long legs because they'll just look super slim and hot. Why don't you try something new, if you wouldn't usually buy something like this..maybe try one on in a shop with some heels and see how it looks.

Bye dolls x

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