Thursday, 26 September 2013


I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do in a while or just a plan for the next couple of years! Yes, I am a big planner but they usually never pan out how I want them to but I'll tell you what I want to do for now anyway.

So the idea of travelling had never really occurred to me before I started watching many different YouTubers and their crazy adventures. Yeah I'd heard about people taking gap years to go and travel with a couple of friends but it felt like it had no meaning. Today in sixth form we were going to link up with a school in Africa, China or South America to try and help or support them in any way we could - we thought about writing letters to the children and try and rustle up some money by doing fundraisers. Its just the beginning and we were just brainstorming some ideas. However, it got me really excited and I don't usually get into things like this but it made me think about volunteering at one of these places, to help children in different countries.

SO! I proposed the idea to my friend and the teacher that was making this school link happen about getting a few people together that may be interested in doing an end of year trip to a school in China, Africa or South America. In the beginning, we were a bit worried about going somewhere completely different for safety reasons but I wasn't really paying much attention to that side of it as the thought of helping a lot of children just with something so simple as writing a story with them or teaching them how to read was overwhelming and making me think it was something I really wanted to do.

I've never really been into this because 1) I have a very big fear of flying on airplanes and 2) it's slightly out of my comfort zone. Recently I've had a bit of a change in what I feel like doing in my life and realised that life's too short to waste and this experience would be utterly amazing, not just for me but for people that really need help. However, most of my friends probably wouldn't be up for it because of the money side and multiple costs it would create. I just wish there was a way that I could do this without it costing me £700+ as I would be more than happy to do it. But then life pulls you back and I realised that I have to actually start saving up for a car.

*Distracted by my mum bringing me blackberries, energy food for blogging!! She knows me too well*

Hopefully in the future something miraculous will happen where I can do this for cheaper OR I can just save up a lot of money once I've got my car and maybe take a couple of months when I graduate to travel and really do this as it's something I've thought about for a while now. Something that made me laugh today that my teacher said "the sad thing is, I would actually want to come with you" - my History and Sociology teachers are probably some of the coolest teachers you'd meet and just so lovely and it was going to be an end of year trip for anyone that wanted to join in.

So that's a little something I wanted to share and I'm actually so incredibly excited about it, hopefully it will happen in the future. I also wanted to have a little rant but I should probably leave you all alone now as you'll be bored of me soon.

Hope you've all had a nice day, bye dolls x

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