Monday, 30 September 2013

Throw Some Clothes On

Day out.

Okay so I know most of this stuff is out of everyone's price range but I really only make these outfits so that if I see something similar then I can just pick it up and throw it in my shopping bag. Such as the Celine bag, its way way way out of my price range between having a part time job and having no money, ever. You can get a knock off if you really like it from eBay and they really do look similar! I was going to get one on eBay but I've literally spent way too much this month on back to school clothes, random bits and bobs and just food really. Oh and some new face bits! I'm really digging the shoes though I might have to save up and get those from Topshop just because they seem practical or maybe look for a cheaper version in Primark etc!

Goodbye dolls x

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