Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hello Blog

HELLO everyone!

Feeling overly jolly due to the fact that I'm listening to Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson and its all hippy dippy and makes everyone happier.

So just a couple of things I've been thinking about and things everyone should know. So next week, not this week starting but the week after I think I have a week...(I think) off and that means...BLOG POSTS FOR EVERYONE! What that really means is I'll be updating a bit more due to having a bit more time.

So I finally got my personal statement down. I took the advice that my teacher gave me and just literally wrote anything good/decent on paper and in some sort of order so that he could then edit it and I could re-draft and thankfully that's been done. So I'm now on my second draft and I'm really happy with the way it flows (yay me) but it still needs to be drafted a couple more times before its ready to be sent off. Anyone in my position at the moment may be feeling the same as me or I may be slightly overreacting (which is exactly like me, drama queen), however, it feels like time is going really quickly. I mean its already October holidays and my birthday is in a month and I'm nearly EIGHTEEN (woah!!) which then means its nearly Christmas and it may seem like I'm rambling in this extremely long sentence but that's because I am because that means its nearly 2014, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE 2013!

Okay so, personal statement in progress. I also just wanted to have a little mini ramble about what type of car I want to get just because I really am torn between the decision of a red Mini Cooper or a black Vauxhall Corsa. If anybody has any ideas or opinions on the two different cars or just if you own either then let me know what they're like pretty please as I'm really rubbish at this car stuff so you could be making my life a little bit easier by letting me know! The reason why I don't know which to get is because the Mini Cooper is what I really want but its only 2003 for the same amount of money I could be getting a 2008 Vauxhall Corsa. However, the Mini does look updated inside, can't fault it but I'm just not really sure at the moment and I don't really want to regret my decision as it will be costing me a bit of dosh (and its my own money which is harder to give away, if anyone gets this understand me).

I've been thinking about also starting to post my own outfits due to the fact that my sister has let me borrow her camera now (three cheers for my older sister..hip hip hooray), I just don't know whether anybody would rather me post Polyvore outfits or my own. Its just that I'm not good at the whole picture taking process yet because I haven't had much experience with this (or any camera) so I suppose I better get learning! On the same theme as learning, I've been messing around with Final Cut Pro which is pretty amazing, the effects and crazy editing things you can do on there is pretty amaze balls so I'm getting used to that a little bit as well which I'm really excited about and maybe I'll get to use it one day.

Sorry but I've just had to write this even though its irrelevant to anything in this post. There's a really annoying ladybird in my room. I mean, I'm not a nature hater but its making a really strange buzzing noise that I didn't know they could do and I think its potentially taking a dump on my lamp which is brilliant as my lamp is touch to turn on/off. Great.

This upcoming week I'm also starting my driving lessons as well which should be great...can you sense the happiness in my neither can I because I HATE driving! Maybe when I can actually do it then I'll be like oh yay driving lesson but right now, nah, no, its not happening. My friend keeps gloating about his driving lessons just to annoy me and he's been on less than me and can already 3 point turn...then there's me still stalling, WHY ME. So this random little rant type post/completely random was just due to the fact that I was reading blogs then realised I haven't updated in a while.

I thought I'd just say, I am really into this blogging thing but I'm not even sure if what I'm saying is slightly relevant to anyone but I'm going to keep writing about anything and everything (maybe with more structure soon but I'm not sure how to do that yet) in the hope that people will read this soon or just generally be like "oh what's that about?". Just because I think I find these types of posts interesting, when I find someone that is the same age-ish as me who has a blog, I just sit there vigorously reading through their blog posts because I wonder what's going on or if they're doing a similar thing to me or where they got that bag from, you know? I'm not even sure if that made sense, but hopefully it will piece together soon as I'm not too sure if anything is being seen at the moment but thanks to those who have even read one of my posts!

Hope you're all well, bye for now dolls x

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