Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Past Couple Of Days

Hey guys

Yesterday I was at school, on a! We had an open day and sixth formers were expected to attend it so me and my friend decided to go along and help our sociology/history teachers. It was only three hours so it wasn't like it took up a lot of my time. Oh, I didn't get the job at Miss Selfridge, boo. Don't worry I'm not crying or anything haha. Once the open day was done we decided to get some lunch and headed to Nandos, we couldn't be bothered to walk so we asked for a cheeky lift from our sociology teacher (she's so cute) and she gave us a lift there so we got lucky, its was brrr really really cold!

We then went round the small shopping centre there and I was just looking for some room decoration ideas/inspiration and found a couple of things I liked. My friend bought a tartan pillow which was really cute and only £6 from The Range which is like a furniture/home decoration store, I'm not sure if its everywhere in England but I'm sure it is.

I was just thinking about what I bought yesterday and it was only from Primark but still really nice and deserves credit (saying this because some people don't think Primark is a nice shop when really, it does sell quality stuff sometimes). I was looking for a tartan print of some sort to go with anything. I didn't know what item of clothing I wanted it to be on but I was having a look around and went into Primark and found a tartan scarf, a red pattern and only £5! Bargain (as it always is), the material is nice and its worth having a look if you're looking for one. 

I then went into the shoe section which I don't usually do because Primark shoes never last long, I bought some school shoes about a month ago and they're already letting water in so I wanted something a bit more sturdy. SO I decided to look for these shoes that I'd seen my teacher wearing which were just a pair of fake Docs but they actually look really, really nice! At the moment I'm trying to save money so I didn't really fancy forking out £90 for a real pair and I settled for this black pair of Primark Docs that have a tartan pattern inside and on the outside are a polished finish. I really do think they were worth £12, we'll have to see how long they last me now (I'll keep you posted) but I definitely think they're a good investment for English weather and the tendency it has to ruin all of my shoes.

Work later on was a complete nightmare. I think the whole of my town decided to order pizza on the same night and it was literally such a challenge to complete 300+ orders in about three hours - bearing in mind they were ordering more than 4 pizzas in each order because of a stupid 50% off deal, you do the maths. All I know is there was lots of pizza everywhere and I cut my finger, wah. It was like a movie scene where when they achieve something everyone starts clapping, when we'd finally cleared the screen after 3 hours of a constant rush of pizza...everyone clapped hahaha, its so cliché but it happened. I did a couple hours overtime this week so that should be a nice surprise on pay day that I can then spend on lots of clothes yay!

The reason why I'm saving my money at the moment is because I really need to complete my driving lessons and buy my own car because I'm fed up of relying on people for lifts when I know I can have my own money and car to go wherever I want. Plus, when does anybody ever have too many clothes - I've reached the point where I seem to think I have lots of money to spare and buy whatever I like (not good). Anyway, thank you for listening to my rambling, ranting and annoying stories.

Bye for now dolls x

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