Thursday, 10 October 2013

It's Been A While

Hello bloggerinos 

I feel bad…I haven't posted anything in about a week and this seems unnatural and I feel like I owe it to you guys to write something down or explain why I haven't put anything up.

This week has been a pretty hectic week. So the beginning of the week just started with overdue work which I should have completed in the other week so I'm already behind for the load of work this week that I have to do. Also, I got called for a  job interview in Miss Selfridge (which I don't think I got) BUT it was a really good experience for one of my first interviews, it helped me find out what type of questions they ask you in retail so I'll be better prepared or available for next time. It was really nice to just get an interview because I haven't had any major retail experience before in a fashion type shop so it was definitely worth me trying.

Also, the school link with China didn't pan out (as I anticipated) so we tried to just sponsor a child which would initially cost £180 a year which we were fine with and the fundraising could be done easily but we weren't too keen because they would only write to us twice a year which isn't quite what we had hoped for. Only based on the fact that we thought we would be able to make a difference in their education alongside the money aspect by communicating with them at least once a month. So we decided to do some research around the area and thought it would be more worthwhile to start raising awareness about current affairs such as the problems in Syria and how they're affecting kids our age and children in education. With links to Oxfam, we've now decided that we can do fundraising whilst also raising awareness in our school and try to make people realise that this could be happening to us so there shouldn't be any ignorance towards the subject and people should know what's going on.

Okay so enough about the job interview and school link. This week has also been pretty stressful because its the dreaded stage where I have to write a PERSONAL STATEMENT!! I have literally found this a challenge in itself just because I can't seem to write what I've gained from the experiences I've had, I know how its benefited me and I know its changed me as a person but the way I want to write it just doesn't sound RIGHT. Its just really hard for me as well because I am a secret perfectionist and if one person doesn't think it sounds good, I crumble and its just so difficult! I can't explain it in words, its likely to just come out of my mouth like "jehbluhsajkfblug", I'll get it done but it'll just take me a while and a bit.

SO that is what's been happening this week. I promise I will get back into the swing of things etc soon I just need a bit of time.

Bye for now dolls x

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